Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 6 and 7 – $99

Wireless charging pad for your iPhone! This set includes a wireless charging pad AND matching iPhone case. Your iPhone needs the case to be able to charge wirelessly. There is a hidden receiver coil in the case. The case adds only 3.5mm thickness to the ... ( read original story ...)

7 coolest things I saw at the NAMM music geek show

With the Fusion Guitar, there's a fully functional electric guitar with built-in speakers to rock out, (no need for an amplifier) and a cradle to connect your iPhone 6, 6S or 7. Once connected, you can now hook into the thousands of apps available to offer ... ( read original story ...)

Problems with the iPhone 6S / Plus and how to fix them

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus continue along the same lines as previous “S” iterations of Apple’s flagships, with both being aesthetically identical to their predecessors, while coming with key upgrades in terms of hardware, processing power, and ... ( read original story ...)