IPhone 6 Plus does its best Galaxy Note 7 impression

'The customer wanted fix of broken screen and complained of Apple genuine battery not holding charge. As he demonstrates his problem with the broken iPhone, "the customer and his friend appear to recoil in shock as the device lets off clouds of smoke ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone 6 Plus blows up in customer's hand at repair shop

Australian smartphone repair shop owner Simon Owen claims that an iPhone exploded in a customer’s hand. Simon shared the CCTV footage on social media platform. The video shows smoke coming out of an iPhone 6 Plus just moments after a customer walks into ... ( read original story ...)

WATCH: iPhone 6 explode as owner takes it to repair shop

The customer reportedly arrived at the Queensland phone repair shop with a cracked screen and battery life problem. The repairman initially inspected the phone, then when the customer handled the device to further explain the problem it exploded and ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone 6 32GB is officially available in Malaysia

After reducing the entry-level iPhone SE‘s price tag, authorised retailer Switch is now offering the new iPhone 6 with 32GB of storage in Malaysia. The iPhone 6 is a 3 year old flagship that’s making a comeback as Apple’s new entry-level iPhone option. ( read original story ...)