iPhone 6 Explodes Like a Grenade in Owner’s Hands

Even though all eyes are on the iPhone X these days, the older iPhone 6 once again manages to make the headlines, and it’s happening following another fire incident. A Brooklyn man revealed that his iPhone 6 literally exploded in his hands all of a ... ( read original story ...)

New York man says iPhone 6 exploded in his hands

The iPhone X might be the "hottest" phone out there, but it's got nothing on this iPhone 6. Speaking exclusively to WABC-TV, Abd Ghaith says he was texting a friend when it suddenly blew up in his hands. "I received a message. I answered the message. ( read original story ...)

iPhone 6 explodes in owners hands

The phone's owner says he answered a message when all of a sudden it blew up. He says the screen went black and the phone got hot. Smoke came out of the phone for about 20 more minutes. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. Apple says they plan to ... ( read original story ...)

iphone mounts 3d models

Use this holder to attach your iPhone 6+ or iPhone 6s+ to any GoPro mount. Now includes a hole for the headphone jack. As I'm using Rode VideoMicro microphone with iPad Mini or sometime with iPhone 4 or iPhone 6 I needed some mount for these devices ... ( read original story ...)

Apple’s iPhone 8 And X Continue To Do Well

From a percentage perspective, this is lower than the iPhone 6 at 3.4%, the 6s at 2.1% and the iPhone 7 at 2.7%. However since the iPhone install base has grown over the years the estimated number of X’s that had been sold did not lag nearly as much. ( read original story ...)

apple iphone 6 charging 3d models

Stylish charging dock for an iPhone 6 and Watch. Will fit iPhone 6 with or without the popular leather case from Apple. Original idea from ScanSource3D has been modified to... All credit needs to go to the original designer . Changed the Dock to fit an ... ( read original story ...)

charging iphone 6 3d models

http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=1655546 ... Iphone 6 charging stand, will amplify volume slightly as well but nothing huge. This is a more minimalistic version of my other iPhone 6 charging stand/ amplifier. This design... ( read original story ...)