The very best iPhone SE deals for August 2017

We've got all the best iPhone SE deals in one place so you can get a great deal on Apple's small-screened but still very powerful handset. The iPhone 5S has theoretically disappeared because of the launch of the iPhone 7, but there are still some great ... ( read original story ...)

$1,000 for iPhone 8? Here’s why you shouldn’t freak out

And if Apple follows tradition, the previous year's models would stay in the line with a $100 price cut, with the entry-level iPhone SE bringing up the rear. In other words -- as Apple watcher John Gruber suggested last month-- the starting US prices of ... ( read original story ...)

Top 10 Best Buy IPhone SE Wallet Case & Covers

What is IPhone SE Wallet Case & Case Protectors? Wallet Case & Case Protector is a product designed to protect phones from physical damage that maybe subjected to the phone. No one wants their phone screens to crack or their phone to get damaged ... ( read original story ...)

Moto G5 Plus vs iPhone SE: Pure Android or best of iOS

Until a week ago, there was no comparison between the iPhone SE and the Motorola Moto G5 Plus. This wasn't because the two phones can't be compared. Actually they can be. But the iPhone SE was just a much more expensive phone. It used to cost close to Rs ... ( read original story ...)

Best Android alternatives to iPhone SE

With the new iPhone SE offering both a compact body and increased storage - the new models offering boasting 32GB and 128GB respectively, compared with the 16 and 32GB older versions - Apple fans are getting more storage for their money. But at £379 and ... ( read original story ...)

Koodo Discounts 64GB iPhone SE to $410 on Tab Medium

Last month, Apple gave the iPhone SE a storage bump, doubling capacities from 16GB and 64GB to 32GB and 128GB. Now, it appears Koodo is discounting existing stock of 64GB models, as it’s priced at $410 on a two-year Tab Medium ($50 up front; $360 balance ... ( read original story ...)