iPhone X Damage Report: Two Months Later

Steve Jobs was a notorious case-hater. He once looked at Wired’s Steven Levy with disgust when the journalist pulled out an iPod with a case on it. “I think stainless steel looks beautiful when it wears,” Jobs said. For my own reasons, I’ve never ... ( read original story ...)

IPhone X puts Apple in crosshairs of nervous tech investors

For anxious tech investors, there’s one name that stands above all others as the two-day blitz of earnings nears its crescendo: Apple Inc. Yes, Amazon.com Inc. and Alphabet Inc. matter, but quarterly earnings and a first-quarter revenue forecast from the ... ( read original story ...)

Apple dealing with iPhone jitters, coming off big quarter

Not with conspiracy theories swirling around Apple’s secret slowdown of older iPhones while a cloud of uncertainty looms over its high-priced iPhone X. It’s a reality check for a company accustomed to an unflinchingly loyal customer base. Apple ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone X disappoints? Apple iPhone sales miss the mark

Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET Just how well the iPhone X performed remains a mystery, but one thing's for sure: Apple sold boat-loads of iPhones. But apparently, not enough boats. The Cupertino, Calif., consumer electronics giant said Thursday that it sold 77.3 ... ( read original story ...)

Apple’s iPhone X is an underrated masterpiece

“The iPhone X is the biggest risk Apple has yet taken with its most important product — the most influential single product in consumer electronics history — and what’s striking to me is how casually we’ve all accepted its success,” Vlad Savov ... ( read original story ...)