iPhone X SE Release Date Revealed By Apple?

The iPhone X SE (or iPhone SE 2 as it is also known) is the smartphone world’s hottest topic. A phone which blends cutting-edge iPhone X technology with a lower asking price, it is tipped to be the most exciting of Apple’s three iPhone launches this year. ( read original story ...)

Cars that cost less per month than an iPhoneX

Which would you rather have? A phone that’s too chunky for your pocket or a stylish and reliable nearly-new car? That’s (more or less) the question posed by used car website Auto Trader, which has equated the cost of an iPhone X with a 2015 Toyota Aygo. ( read original story ...)

Samsung Galaxy S9: Five Reasons It Will Destroy the iPhone X

Samsung’s latest flagship phones, the Galaxy S9 and S9+, have officially hit the market in the United States. Unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, the Galaxy S9 is more of a refinement than a revolution. It has the same design as ... ( read original story ...)