iPhone X problems, complaints and fixes

The iPhone X was unveiled at an Apple event in September 2017 and eventually went on sale on 3 November 2017, joining the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in Apple's iPhone lineup. It's no longer on sale, h... ( read original story ...)

iPhone: The ultimate guide

Apple not only sells the all-new iPhone X, but the updated iPhone 8, last year's iPhone 7, the lower-priced iPhone 6s, and the compact iPhone SE. If you're not sure which model is for you, or what col... ( read original story ...)

iPhoneX explodes after update

An overpriced iPhoneX exploded after the unfortunate Apple fanboy owner tried to install an update. Twitter user Rocky Mohamadali, said that after updating to the latest version of iOS, his iPhone X s... ( read original story ...)