Apple closing iPhone security gap used by law enforcement

SAN FRANCISCO -- Apple is closing a security gap that allowed outsiders to pry personal information from locked iPhones without a password, a change that will thwart law enforcement agencies that have been exploiting the vulnerability to collect evidence ... ( read original story ...)

Apple to close iPhone security loophole used by police

Apple says it is to change the default settings of its iPhone to stop hackers and others unlocking devices without proper legal authorisation. The move will also make it more difficult for police to unlock handsets without authorisation. However, Apple ... ( read original story ...)

Apple 2019 IPhone Rumored To Support USB-C Port

Apple is busy tinkering away on the chargers and other odds and ends of equipment that go on to make its 2019 iPhone. Its iPhones and iPads are going to stun consumers with their special features. According to DigiTimes, the new iPhone will support USB-C. ( read original story ...)