Review: Bear app makes note-taking a pleasure

Bear, the stylish note-taking app, appears on first sight to be superfluous to most people’s needs. It’s available only for iOS and Mac, which come pre-installed with their own perfectly efficient equivalent, Notes. Plus, Evernote has already cornered ... ( read original story ...)

Apple iPhone bug causes iMessage app to freeze, crash

A new bug has been revealed for Apple iMessage that causes the app to freeze. YouTube user vincedes3 posted a video on his channel demonstrating how a vcf attachment sent on iPhone running on iOS 8 to 10.2.1 makes your iMessage vulnerable to the bug. ( read original story ...)

Best iPhone apps for business 2017

The iPhone is the tool of choice for the modern businessperson, but it’s nothing without good apps. Luckily, a multi-billion dollar industry has sprung up around providing these apps, meaning that there’s software to help you accomplish just about any ... ( read original story ...)

12 best iPhone & iPad apps for organising your life

What's the point in carrying a tiny supercomputer round in your pocket all day if you're not going to use it to make yourself a bit more productive? iPhones and iPads are great at keeping us busy with distractions like games or the latest Netflix series ... ( read original story ...)

Minecraft: Apple TV Edition

For a limited time, your Minecraft: Apple TV purchase includes three skin packs, three texture packs, and the new 2016 Festive Mash-Up Pack! That means you'll be able to bring your new worlds to life with the Festive, Plastic, Natural, & Cartoon Texture ... ( read original story ...)