WhatsApp and user privacy: Your top questions answered

He also pointed out that Google and Apple take users’ privacy very seriously. Should you use third-party apps to customise WhatsApp? Many users like to use third-party apps to customise WhatsApp themes, icons and even font. These third-party apps give ... ( read original story ...)

‘Planet of the Apps’ was a successful disaster

If you missed it, don't stress. It's just a pretty undramatic, very-edited reality show about dozens of entrepreneurs, people who were trying to make careers off a business based around an app. SEE ALSO: Apple’s Instagram account reeks of desperation ... ( read original story ...)

Apple just shared iOS 11 beta 7 to developers

Don’t forget that the beta program is primarily targeted at developers working on app updates. I still wouldn’t recommend installing iOS 11 on the iPhone you use every day. The changes in iOS 11 will take some time to pay off for your iPhone anyway. ( read original story ...)