5 ways the iPhone X could be better

With about seven months to go until Apple unveils its new 2018 iPhone lineup, it seems like we shouldn’t be talking about the company’s iPhone X successors right now. And yet because the company has so much trouble keeping its suppliers from leaking ... ( read original story ...)

Google Is Preparing for Apple iPhone X Copycats

Apple might soon have some copycats on its hands. Google is developing a new version of its Android operating system that will work with a rash of smartphones featuring the “notch” design like that in Apple’s iPhone X, Bloomberg is reporting, citing ... ( read original story ...)

How Apple Plans to Root Out Bugs, Revamp iPhone Software

Apple's annual software upgrade this fall will offer users plenty of new features: enabling a single set of apps to work across iPhones, iPads and Macs, a Digital Health tool to show parents how much time their children have been staring at their screen ... ( read original story ...)

Apple iPhone Source Code Just Leaked Online

Considering how tight the security measures are with Apple, it is pretty shocking that parts of the iPhone source code were leaked online. The source code was first posted onto GitHub, which had since been removed. Even though it was removed from GitHub ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Inc.’s iPhone Average Selling Price Challenge

One of Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) major triumphs in its most recent quarter was a surge in iPhone average selling prices. Thanks in large part to the introduction of the iPhone X, which starts at $999 and goes to $1,149 for the variant with the largest storage ... ( read original story ...)