Hands-On With the New LTE-Enabled Apple Watch Series 3

With the new LTE Series 3 Apple Watches now out in the wild, we got our hands on one of the new devices to give MacRumors readers a closer look at its design, features, and improvements compared to previous-generation Apple Watch models. In the video below ... ( read original story ...)

7 Things to Know About the iPhone 6 iOS 11 Update

about 9 minutes on our iPhone 6. The phone rebooted itself a few times before the installation finished up. We didn't run into any problems. The iPhone 6 is getting up there in age but it's still performing at a pretty high level. Our iOS 11 experience on ... ( read original story ...)

4 streaming video apps to watch TV, movies on your phone

With that in mind, here are four streaming video apps you’re going to want to download right away for your new iPhone. Once you’re done kissing and cuddling it, naturally. Netflix (free) Well duh, right? Aside from the iPhone app being very similar in ... ( read original story ...)

Why Apple iOS 11 Won’t Run Some of Your Apps

After users download iOS 11 to their iPhones and iPads starting today, they might discover some of their apps no longer work. Apple's iOS 11 will not support slow and old apps that use a technology called 32-bit, rendering those programs useless. ( read original story ...)