Features We’d Like To See In iOS 12 (Wishlist)

except for the fact that iOS 12 should be more focused on improved stability, much like Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. So while we don’t expect to see lots of groundbreaking features, we rounded up some reasonable feature requests that we’d like to see in ... ( read original story ...)

ZipperDown Vulnerability Could Hit 10% of iOS Apps

A newly discovered vulnerability could affect thousands of iOS apps -- and Android users may not be spared. A newly announced vulnerability in iOS (and, just maybe, Android) could be an avenue for exploitation through misbehaving apps. The vulnerability ... ( read original story ...)

Gauze brings a grid-style App Switcher to iOS 10 devices

Apple tweaks the App Switcher user interface with almost every major iteration of iOS. But despite all the changes Apple made over the years, the App Switcher still harbors one recognizable issue: it wastes a ton of screen real estate. In the screenshot ... ( read original story ...)