Use the Apple Watch as a Smart Home Remote

On the Apple Watch, open the Home app to reveal the controls you’ve set up for your household devices. On a shared watch, you will need to grant access to the Home app’s controls: On an iPhone that’s already part of the household (presumably yours), open the Home app. Choose the family member the watch is assigned to and tap Send Invite.

With iOS 18, your iPhone can tell the time even when battery is near-dead

That was before iOS 18, though. As some Redditors noted (via MacRumors ), an iPhone running iOS 18 developer beta shows some additional info when the battery’s depleted. This includes the time, in the upper left corner, as well as a notice that the iPhone can be found (via Find My) and that express cards and keys are available.

The best small updates Apple didn’t mention at WWDC

Apple is also working on a better way to resize widgets in iOS 18. When you long-press, you’ll get a row of size options right there in the contextual menu, rather than having to pick “Edit Widget” and go through all the rigamarole of picking a size there.

How to fix iPhone stuck

Experiencing an iPhone stuck at startup can be incredibly frustrating, leaving you cut off from your essential apps and contacts. JUSTICE OKAMGBA writes on the practical solutions to fix this issue When Duke Kaka (not his real name),