Best iPhone 7 battery cases to keep your phone above 20 percent

Depending on how much you use your iPhone 7, a full charge is either enough to get you through the day, or not nearly enough to keep up with you. Sometimes you simply need some music, but when you’ve got Bluetooth turned on, music streaming, and cellular ... ( read original story ...)

MacTrast Deals: The 2017 iOS 10 Complete App Builder Bundle

The 2017 iOS 10 Complete App Builder Bundle offers over 250 hours of instruction and a collection of app templates and tools. 250 hours. That’s what you’re getting with this course. 250 hours of comprehensive, hands-on coding bootcamp to get you up to ... ( read original story ...)

How iOS 11 could change the iPhone

After polling my CNET colleagues, here are our best guesses...and what we want to see after iOS 10. A more intelligent assistant could make us more likely to use Siri, which is something that doesn't happen consistently. Siri has problems understanding ... ( read original story ...)

Jailbreaking Might Be Dead for Good This Time

If you’re the type to keep up with tech news, you might have heard that Chinese hacker group PanGu had initially declared that they will be putting out a new jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1 as soon as the 10.3.2 hits devices. However, this failed to happen in ... ( read original story ...)