Don’t Blame Apple For Your Slow iPhone. Blame Apps

For more proof of Apple’s faith in its devices to keep chugging, note that it’ll sell you a brand new—or refurbished—iPhone 6S right now. If it really downshifted devices after a couple of years, why on earth would it be selling you a two-year-old ... ( read original story ...)

MacBook buying guide 2017

It also features Touch ID, bringing fingerprint security to the Mac following its introduction to the iPhone and iPad ... It's also worth taking a look on Apple's refurbished store, which often has MacBooks available to buy at reduced prices. ( read original story ...)

Your future Apple Watch could have a self-adjusting band

Apple might be working on a new way to make the Apple Watch fit even better. The company was recently granted a new patent for a watch band that would automatically adjust to the wearer's wrist, using a mechanism included in the band or built into the ... ( read original story ...)

10 of the best ARKit apps and games to try for iOS 11

Augmented reality apps have been around for some time now, but they’ve often been clunky or rudimentary. But Apple is pushing hard on an AR future with iOS 11, thanks to ARKit. The tech allows developers to create smarter, more responsive apps that tweak ... ( read original story ...)