Best Apple Watch buying guide 2018

Pick your model, size, case, colour and strap with our Apple Watch buying guide, with a price list and buying options for Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 3 Which Apple Watch should you buy? The range of models, materials, colours and straps was baffling ... ( read original story ...)

13 best Apple Watch games 2018

What are the best games on Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 2? The Apple Watch doesn't seem obviously suited to gaming, thanks to its small screen and necessarily one-handed control method. (Admittedly, those things didn't hold back the Game & Watch. ( read original story ...)

Apple Watch finds a medical purpose

In the last months of Steve Jobs’ life, the Apple co-founder fought cancer while managing diabetes. Because he hated pricking his finger to draw blood, Jobs authorized an Apple research team to develop a noninvasive glucose reader with technology that ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Watch Sapphire vs Glass Display Shoot-Out

The world’s best [and most expensive] watches all have a sapphire crystal because sapphire is incredibly hard, making them extremely scratch resistant and almost scratch proof under normal use. But sapphire is fairly expensive, so most watches instead ... ( read original story ...)