Apple Watch Stand

I am not pleased with this model for many reasons. 1) The wire (that came in the Apple Watch box) does not fit in the proper wire grips, as they are too small, and the edges will cut the wire. I know this because there are now marks just from trying. ( read original story ...

8 Very Cool Things I Love About My Apple Watch

I really, really love my Apple Watch. (42 mm, stainless steel, sapphire, leather loop band.) Thinking back, I wonder how I ever got along without it. Here’s my somewhat random collection of thoughts; a list of things that are essential to my life now. ( read original story ...)

The best Apple Watch docking stations

Apple took eight months to release a charging stand for the Apple Watch after launching the device back in April 2015, but that didn't stop accessory manufacturers from stepping in with their own dock offerings in the meantime. And you'll be glad they did. ( read original story ...)

Apple loses battle to avoid UK import taxes on watch straps

Apple could be forced to pay millions of pounds in extra taxes in the UK after losing a legal battle over whether its smartwatch straps are an accessory that should be taxed individually or part of the device. Ending a months-long legal battle, a tax ... ( read original story ...)